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Hello, Pyongyang!

The official state news network of North Korea (KCNA) is now streaming its newscasts live on its Facebook page. Of course, to show your support for General President King Lord Prime Minister Kim Jong-Un, you have to like the page first to get access to the livestream. Typical!

I get the feeling that the livestream will be like nothing more than C-SPAN if C-SPAN were directed by Sacha Baron Cohen, but hey, at least it will be interesting to get a glimpse into the reclusive nation and hear the propaganda straight from the Dear Horse's mouth.

Plus I hear that Kim Jong-Un is going to do a live broadcast from the surface of the Sun at 16:00 GMT tomorrow...

Unsurprisingly, South Korea is already blocking access to the stream for IP connections within their borders, with South Korean Yonhap news agency representatives stating:

"The site will be classified as being off limits because of materials that conflict with national interest."

That's basically a fancy way of saying "we ain't tryna hear that."

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This is how one prepares for farming crops at Samjiyon Schoolchildren's Palace in Samjiyon, North Korea. That is, if Kim Jong-un hadn't eaten all the crops already...

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