Customer Service: It Gets Worse

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Dan Savage created the It Gets Better project in 2010 to help at-risk LGBT youth. In 2013, Stephen Pankhurst has created the It Gets Worse project to inform people entering the customer service industry that they're about to have their souls ripped from their bodies and then stomped on by deplorable hellspawn.

Customer service: if anybody tells you it gets better, they're a dirty, rotten liar.

Fail of the Day: Girl Accidentally Kicks Her Dog Chewy Doing Yoga

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Oh my god… Chewy!

This girl was just filming herself (vertically… ugh) practicing some yoga moves when her little dog wandered into the shot.

Then BOOM, Chewy gets lauched into space before transitioning into downward dog.

Looks like he was just a little shaken up but otherwise seems to be ok.

News Anchor Does Not Appreciate Being Called ‘The Hamburglar’ on Air

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Former 9am news host Tim Ezell from Fox 2 in St. Louis had an interesting way of introducing his co-host April Simpson one morning, and the old clip has now gone viral thanks to comedian Kevin Hart.

“Welcome back to FOX 2 news in the AM. Time to get you all caught up with the headlines. For that, the Hamburglar,” said Ezell.

The coment seems to catch her a bit off guard at first.

“It is your birthday. I’ll let it pass.” she says afterwards. “No I won’t I’ll get ya later.”

Hart shared the video on his Facebook page Tuesday, where it now has over 2 million views.

Ezell left the station last July to become a full-time minister.

The commenters on Hart’s post are also having some fun with the whole thing as demonstrated by the photo below.