The Most Coordinated Musicians You'll See All Day

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Michael Henry and Justin Robinett simultaneously sing and play the drums and piano in their cover of Billie Jean.

Easter Egg of the Day: An Android is Peeing on the Apple Logo in Pakistan on Google Maps

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Something strange is happening in Pakistan.

Team Android has discovered a bizarre Easter egg in Google Maps that shows the Android logo peeing on the Apple logo.

To check it out yourself, just go to these coordinates, and you will be sent to Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Another piece of Google Maps graffiti was later found in the Takht Pari Forest, which you can see below.

It is believed to be the result of someone abusing Google’s Map Maker tool, and the company issued a statement to The Daily Mail.

“We’ve terminated the Android involved in this incident, and he’ll be disappearing from Google Maps shortly,” said a Google rep.

And Pascal Hartig, a Twitter engineer, also pointed out that it was a random user.

So yes, it would appear that Google Maps review process could use a little work.

Head on over to Pakistan and soak it up now before it’s gone.

Fail of the Day: High School Student Uses Fake Bomb to Ask Girl to Prom

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A Washington high school student thought he was “the bomb,” so he decided to strap a fake one on to his body to ask a girl to prom.

Bad idea.

Ibrahim Ahmad was suspended for 5 days after he showed up in the cafeteria dressed like a suicide bomber, and as a result he can’t even go to prom anymore.

The costume consisted of red tubes and wires attached to a paintball vest, and he was holding a sign that read: “I kno it’s A little Late, But I’m kinda…THE BOMB! Rilea, Will U Be My Date To Prom?”

He told The Columbian that he was pressured into doing it.

“In ‘promposals,’ you’re supposed to go big,” he said. “It’s kind of a trending thing now, too, where everyone just asks in a really creative way.”

Ahmad also said wonders if the school only punished because he is Middle Eastern, and he thinks that any other student probably wouldn’t have faced the same consequences.

The superintendent released this statement to KPTV:

Our administrators and staff are committed to creating learning environments where all students are safe and parents feel comfortable sending their children to school. Given all that is going on in the world today, even simulated weapons/devices can undermine our collective efforts to create a safe school and therefore are handled with appropriate disciplinary actions.