Touch Screens Aren't Really an Option For You, Eh?

finger nails,nails,phone
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These fancy new smart phones just can't accommodate fingers of this caliber can they?

Gratuitous Picture of Your Gratuitousness

camera,gpoy,mirror pic,phone,self poortrait
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That's GPOYG, for short. Feel free to tweet/hashtag/abuse that one.

For Those Times When You Need Privacy

cell phone,hat,phone,phone booth,portable
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Provides protection from everything, except embarrassment.

Shoes - You're Doing It Wrong

bills,Bling,chains,gangsta,mirror picture,phone,pockets,shoes,smart phone
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Why not just put the smartphone in the pocket itself?

Something New to Do With Your Old Landline Phone Cords

By Unknown
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I guess this is what happens when technology gradually becomes obsolete: it becomes part of someone's fashion statement.

As watch sizes began to get smaller, some wore the biggest clocks they could find:

fashion fail - flava flav

As handheld consoles became more advanced, some wore the older models:

fashion fail - game boy necklace

And as print media goes down in flames...

fashion fail - newspaper dress

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