Justin Bieber's dad should have stayed out of his son's naked picture scandal.
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Well. That's awkward.

Of course, we all know that naked pictures of Justin Bieber broke the damn Internet this week. It was bound to get around to his dad as well.

Jeremy Bieber should have just let the whole thing die down without weighing in.

But that's not how this guy rolls.

So he tweeted this out Oct. 9.


Ew, ew, ew.

He should have thought about his son's feelings more than his son's peen.

Justin ain't too happy about it and his legal team is already on the case to find justice.

Daddy Biebs should have probably reacted more like Chrissy Teigen's expert analysis.

Via: CNN
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You'll remember Ethan Couch was convicted of four counts of intoxication manslaughter, but was not sentenced to any jail time. Instead, he was given 10 years' probation. Couch's defense team, which included psychologist Dr. G. Dick Miller, argued that the teen suffered from "affluenza," meaning his irresponsible behavior and lifestyle were a product of his affluent upbringing and "profoundly dysfunctional" parents.

Part of his parole mandates that he regularly checks in with his parole officer and that he not drink alcohol for 10 years. The latter is being investigated now thanks to a snapchat of Ethan playing beer pong at a house party in Texas.

Couch and his mother were picked up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Monday, reports a spokesman for the Jalisco state prosecutor's office. After both underwent a medical checkup, they were transferred to immigration authorities and will be returning to the U.S. "shortly."

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