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Justin Bieber's dad should have stayed out of his son's naked picture scandal.
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Well. That's awkward.

Of course, we all know that naked pictures of Justin Bieber broke the damn Internet this week. It was bound to get around to his dad as well.

Jeremy Bieber should have just let the whole thing die down without weighing in.

But that's not how this guy rolls.

So he tweeted this out Oct. 9.


Ew, ew, ew.

He should have thought about his son's feelings more than his son's peen.

Justin ain't too happy about it and his legal team is already on the case to find justice.

Daddy Biebs should have probably reacted more like Chrissy Teigen's expert analysis.

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Via ROFLRazzi
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Yesterday, news broke of allegations that Justin Bieber fathered the child one 20 year-old Mariah Yeater. Yeater, who claimed that she and Bieber had a tryst at the Staples Center at one of his concerts, claimed that this was Bieber's "first time." Additionally, California's age of consent would dictate that the act was technically statutory rape - as Yeater was 19 at the time.

Should the allegations be true (which seems incredibly unlikely), we have that many fewer jokes to make about Justin Bieber's sex - surely a loss for the entire internet community. Bieber's twitter followers started a "#beliebersbelieveinjustin" movement in the teen pop star's defense, with hilarious results. Meanwhile, the internet hopped on plenty of prime joke opportunities: