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We’re all kind of sick of the Mannequin Challenge, right? At this point, it’s kind of gone to the dogs, and we’re better for it.

No one told these guys, though. At least their Mannequin Challenge went out with guns blazing.

In Alabama, this Mannequin Challenge, which features an intense shootout, led to two arrests on gun and drug charges. These guys took the challenge really seriously.


According to The Huffington Post:

Authorities got wind of the footage and obtained a search warrant, and a SWAT team raided the Huntsville property at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, Madison County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Salomonsky said at a press conference.
They seized two handguns, an assault rifle and a shotgun, as well as several rounds of ammunition and magazines. It’s not clear whether any of these weapons appeared in the video. Authorities also confiscated bags of marijuana and a computer, Salomonsky said.

Can we just lay the Mannequin Challenge to rest, before someone gets hurt, please?

via Logo TV

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Some people are born to be stunt drivers.

Take for instance, this driver from Albuquerque, NM. After dropping a friend off, he went out for some late e night Carl's Jr, when a red Chrysler 300 stopped in front of him. Confused, our would-be stunt driver begins backing up down the street and takes off across the streets of Albuquerque. It's nuts. 

via iFunny

With the split screen created by the driver’s dashboard camera (one facing the windshield, the other facing the driver), you can get a sense of how intense this situation was. This seven minute is the best action movie of the year, and this dude needs a part in Fast 8.

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