Twitter Trends: #sorryfeminists

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We all know the typical feminist stereotype: angry, in-your-face, and au so naturel. Whichever unseen elderly Caucasian male conspiracy is responsible, the original feminists who advocated simply for equal rights have been replaced by an angry legion of sexless caricatures who seem to have stumbled upon a pharmaceutical company dumpster full of little libido-killing pills. It's gotten so bad that "sexy" is supposedly a bad word.

Exhibit A: Before meeting with American author Katie Roiphe, T Magazine editor Debbie Needleman called Roiphe smart, sassy, and... sexy?

SEXY? CHAUVINISM ALERT WEE WOO WEE WOO. In the words of Dolan, "debi nedlman pls." Don't pay attention to people who try to take a genuine desire for gender equality and repurpose it into emasculating vitriol. They're not the real thing. Twitter users feel the same way, as they've started the #sorryfeminists hashtag in response to Needleman's tweet. So, Debbie, don't worry. You don't need to apologize to Feminism for thinking that another human being is attractive. "Sexy" doesn't have to be a four-letter word... wait...

Twitter Trends: #FailingAgenda

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Today, "Americans for Prosperity" (a Koch Brothers group) is paying for the trending hashtag #failingagenda on Twitter. The irony is that that hashtag is being used against them. #FailingHashtag

Twitter Trends: #FutureMittJokes

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Willard just can't get a break, can he? In the latest chapter of his litany of gaffes, goofs, and 'I-accidentally-misspoke-lol-deal-with-it's, Mitt Romney joked while campaigning in Michigan early Friday morning that "no one had ever asked to see his birth certificate."

The joke not-so-subtlely invoked the controversy surrounding President Barack Obama and whether or not he was actually born in the United States. The Twitterverse is now abuzz with witty repartee, shooting jokes back at Romney which invoke his status as a wealthy, white bread, tax-dodging fat cat.

Check out the latest here.

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