Announcing: Cheezburger Is Getting A Makeover

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Starting this Monday, February 13, we;re gonna be changing some things up around here.

Less clutter! We're removing a lot of the buttons and stuff around posts to streamline the sites, so you can get straight to the funny stuff without straining your poor, tired (and may we say, lovely) eyes.

Voting buttons will no longer appear on the homepage. If you like something, you can either "Post It to Your Cheezburger" (either your Favorites or your Cheezburger site), or share it on Facebook.

Voting on the front page isn't gone forever. We're just working on a (super-secret!) better way to do it. In the meantime, you can still vote on the Vote page.

That's all for now, we hope you'll be excited about the changes as we are. Go and share the news with somebody special!

Real Women With Real Stories About Real Dates That Really Sucked

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We post a lot of sketches that are just comedic fantasy, but all of these stories actually happened. You decide if that makes things better or worse.

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