Marlen Doll Is at it Again!

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Chile won their first game in the World Cup and adult star Marlen Doll chose to celebrate with a 12 hour marathon of hanky panky.

But now the stakes are raised, if Chile beats Spain she's promised to go for an incredible 16 hours! Geez, I hope she can take a break, or a nap, or something.

Apparently, the invitation is open to anyone who wants to show up.

Chilean Adult Star Gets Really Worked Up Over the World Cup

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Marlen Doll decided Chile's victory over Australia was such a wonderful achievement she needed to celebrate. And so she did, in grand fashion, she had sex for 12 hours. Now that's better than just cracking open a beer!
Talk about a hardcore fan!

UPDATE: She's upped the ante, find out what happens when Chile beat Spain!