Selfishness Set to Music

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The collection of self-centered brats who were livid about not getting an iPhone for Christmas has creeped from the Twitter feed into our hearts (specifically the parts of our hearts that like to hate things). It's been so popular, in fact, that musician/comedian Jonathan Mann decided to set their tweets to music. If music be the food of laughter and/or hate, play on.

Video contains language appropriate only for foul-mouthed ingrates.

Siri Is Santa's Little Helper

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Apple's newest iPhone 4S commercial milks the holiday spirit by having Santa use Siri as his personal spirit, asking it to check his naughty or nice list and for directions to the next house (apparently he skips over all of southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon - naughty Northwesterners!)

This isn't the first time that Apple has tapped into seasonal feels for its holiday advertising. Last year's iPhone 4 ad also featured Santa (or someone dressed as him) while highlighting its FaceTime feature.


But where's the holiday Android advertising? Come on, Google, you're falling behind!

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