Make Them All And Enjoy Your Favorite Cartoons In A Whole New Way!

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The hung over wise and learned mixologists here at A12 present themed shots for some of your favorite shows from when you were a kid. Really takes you back, doesn't it?

PokeDrinks: Electric Edition

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It's electrifying! Via The Drunken Moogle.

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu (Pokemon Cocktails) Ingredients: Pichu: 1/2 oz Creme de Banana 1/2 oz pomegranate schnapps, 1/2 oz Jager

Pikachu: 1/2 oz grenadine 1/2 oz Creme de Banana 1/2 oz Captain Morgan tattoo

Raichu: 1 oz Creme de Banana 1oz Jager 1oz 100 proof Captain Morgan

Directions: For the Pichu: pour the the creme de banana, then layer the pomegranate schnapps, then layer the Jager on top. Pikachu: pour the grenadine, next layer the creme de banana, then layer the captain tattoo on top. Raichu: pour the creme de banana, layer the Jager then layer the captain 100 proof on top.