Power Goblets: Thar Be a Fittin' Goblet for Our Spoils!

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Pick yourself up one of these pirate-themed drinking containers, and feel that much closer to the high seas! The manufacturers are not responsible for any cutlass related injuries you may incur.

Yar It's Time to Sail the Seven Seas!

captain morgan,pirates,seven seas,ship
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With Captain Morgan and his devious first mate: Chris!

Sloshed Songs Sunday (On Wednesday): Wenches And Mead

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Since the holiday weekend threw us off our schedule, we're doing a Sloshed Songs Sunday on a Wednesday! Because we're all about integrity and maintaining a rigorous schedule... eventually.

"But A12 mods," you seem to say, "that doesn't make any sense! Isn't a Sloshed Songs Sunday Wednesday kinda dumb?"

Valid point, fair user. Allow us to respectfully reply:


Moving on, this week we go piratey with "Wenches and Mead" by the world's foremost (and only) Scottish pirate metal band, Alestorm. Yarrrr!

Use the "Sloshed Songs" tag to check out our previous featured songs, and submit songs you think should make the front page!

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