[UPDATED] First Person to Buy Weed in Spokane, Wa Gets Fired?!

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When Green Leaf finally opened, Mike's efforts were rewarded with 2 grams of legally purchased Sour Kush, and as it turned out, losing his job — after some narc client who saw him on the news went and snitched to his boss. In a real Gift of the Magi situation, now Mike has the legal ability to buy weed, but no job to pay for it. Still, he's not going to let that get him down:

"Yeah, it was kind of a buzzkill," he says. "But I wasn't going to let it ruin an awesome day."


"TrueBlue got ahold of me and offered me my job back," Mike told Newsweek. "I'll accept it and we'll see where it goes from there," he said. "The reason they said they gave me my job back was because their policy says you cannot be under the influence at work, which I was not, and since I officially had the day off, what I did on my time was my time. And they gave me my job back, and even gave me a day's worth of pay that I missed."

However, now Mike's thinking about trying to move over into the "marijuana industry."

Now, I'm thinking maybe I can even spin this and get a job in the marijuana industry. It's a new industry. They need qualified people.

Pick it Up! Beer Consumption Is Down in the US

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A Florida Man Known as "Fat Boy" Hides His Drug Stash in Exactly the Place a Guy Called "Fat Boy" Would

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If you read that headline and thought "I bet this happened in Florida," then congratulations! There's a milkshake for you in the fridge as a prize. Go ahead, check it! A choice quote from the story:

The deputies searched Mitchell and fount 23 grams of marijuana hidden under his fat. Police also found a handgun in the middle console and $7,000 in cash stuffed in a tube sock. The suspects tried to hide the smell of drugs with carpet freshener and scented dryer sheets, but that didn't work.

Woman in Iowa Downed 2 Bottles of Black Velvet Whiskey

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When police arrived Hunley was covered in urine and she had "slurred speech, poor balance" and was "leaning against a car to keep her balance." Hunley told police she had drank two bottles of Black Velvet whiskey and urinated on herself for a second time after being taken into custody.

The blood alcohol content of .439 that Hunley allegedly posted during this incident was actually lower than the .462 she allegedly registered during an August incident that was detailed by the Gazette.

New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd Writes About Getting High in Colorado, Twitter Responds Hilariously

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Pulitzer Prize winner Maureen Dowd follows a growing trend among traditional print journalists writing about modern drug culture. In this case, it's legally-recognized marijuana in Colorado. Here's the story in question with some great responses below:

Drunk Man Has Sex With ATM

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - A man was arrested at a Murfreesboro bar Friday night for attempting to have sex with an ATM and later a picnic table.

According to the arrest report, Lonnie Hutton, 49, walked into the Boro Bar and Grill on Greenland Drive and up to the ATM.

He pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing his genitals, and then attempted to have sexual intercourse with the ATM, the report stated.